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‘Libyan rebels’: Collaboration with NATO and Israel…

“The future regime will maintain normal relations with other democratic countries, including Israel.” http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=25099 http://www.english.rfi.fr/africa/20110602-libyan-rebels-will-recognise-israel-bernard-henri-levy-tells-netanyahu Photo: Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu Advertisements

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Libyan rebels retreat from Bin Jawad !

NATO AND AMERICANS OUT !!! Out of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya ! ‎29.3.2011 19:04 – Libyan rebels retreat from Bin Jawad http://maanpuolustus.net/tilannehuone/video.php?id=1 Tilannehuone videot: LIBYA – maanpuolustus.net

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