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I am working for the Belgian human rights association 'Werkgroep Morkhoven' which revealed the Zandvoort childporn case (88.539 victims). The case was covered up by the authorities. During the past years I have been really shocked by the way the rich countries of the western empire want to rule the world. One of my blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Je travaille pour le 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', un groupe d'action qui a révélé le réseau pornographique d'enfants 'Zandvoort' (88.539 victims). Cette affaire a été couverte par les autorités. Au cours des dernières années, j'ai été vraiment choqué par la façon dont l'Occident et les pays riches veulent gouverner le monde. Un de mes blogs: «Latest News Syria» (WordPress)/ Ik werk voor de Werkgroep Morkhoven die destijds de kinderpornozaak Zandvoort onthulde (88.539 slachtoffers). Deze zaak werd door de overheid op een misdadige manier toegedekt. Gedurende de voorbije jaren was ik werkelijke geschokt door de manier waarop het rijke westen de wereld wil overheersen. Bezoek onze blog «Latest News Syria» (WordPress) ------- Photo: victims of the NATO-bombings on the Chinese embassy in Yougoslavia

Boek over Gaza: Inge Neefs

Op donderdag 20 maart om 20u wordt het boek “Gaza op mijn hoofd” voorgesteld in CC Oratoriënhof, Mechelsestraat 111 te Leuven. Er zullen fragmenten uit het boek worden voorgelezen, door twee bijzonder fijne mensen, en dichter des Vaderlands Charles Ducal … Continue reading

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Latest News Palestine: continuous rise of Israeli repression

Very savage arrests in Nilin village, one Palestinian shot and arrested by Israeli occupation soldiers January 25th, 2014  At 8 am on the morning of January 21st the entrance to the village of Ni’lin was blocked off. A special car … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky, Jewish Voice for Peace: Donate NOW !

Join Noam Chomsky: become a donor to Jewish Voice for Peace Dear Sir, One of JVP’s strengths is our incredible Advisory Board – which includes activists, artists, and writers like Naomi Klein, Tony Kushner, and Michael Ratner. Legendary author and … Continue reading

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End the Israeli Occupation

Dear Sir, I was honored when my dear friend and inspiring colleague Anna Baltzer asked me to write a few words on what the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation means to us in the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment, and … Continue reading

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Israeli ‘Peace Talks’: Aggression continues in Ni’lin

27.11.2013 Israeli mid-night invasions and aggression continues in Ni’lin; four guys arrested. +++ For a while the village of Ni’lin almost believed that the nightly raids had stopped. Last week there was only one invasion. But now it seems like … Continue reading

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No censorship

We had some problems with our blog The problems appear provisionally resolved. Nobody will censor us. === The Pentagon Papers The massive military study titled United States-Vietnam Relations, 1945-1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense, later known as the … Continue reading

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Middle East ‘Peace Talks’

Avigdor Lieberman, the ultranationalist Israeli politician, holds the future course of politics in the Middle East in his holds… === He was born in 1958 in Moldovia, one of the poorest and most obscure of the old Soviet republics. On … Continue reading

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